Hey there welcome to the Y'allywood Shop. We're open all the time.


Click here and you'll find our three pass options. The Y'ALL ACCESS PASS will get you into any and all Y'allywood events, plus some bonus features we're cooking up. We also have pass options for FRIDAY and SATURDAY. We love all our days equally, but if you can only make it out for a bit, those two days definitely have the most going on.


If you click the HEY I'D RATHER BUY TICKETS FOR INDIVIDUAL SCREENINGS button, you'll be able to buy tickets for individual screenings. Maybe you got a bud with a film or there's just one block that really speaks to your heart. Maybe you're on layover in Atlanta and you're only in town for a few hours. If that's you, then that's your button.


We always try to keep the ticket price low because we want as many people as possible to come out have a great time. We're 100% nonprofit running purely on volunteerism and the love of the game. If you gaze into your heart and your wallet and find something to spare, we'd really appreciate a donation. We've got great plans for Y'allywood, and we rely on fine folks like you to help us get there.

We receive donations through our fiscal sponsor C4 Atlanta. They're a local Arts Incubator doing great work helping artists like us raise funds under their tax exempt umbrella.

Thank you enjoy the show come back anytime!